When seeking blog writers for hire, look for someone who has more than just a way with words.

Hiring a great blogger is like buying the right pair of shoes; some might look good on the surface, but once you try them on for size, issues can arise. Two writers with similar experience or backgrounds may be markedly different, just like two pairs of shoes of the same size from the same brand.

Of course, it’s easier to remedy the situation of buying the wrong shoes. It’s not as easy to remedy the problem of hiring the wrong blogger for your company.

And in today’s world, there are a lot of bad bloggers who haven’t developed the skills necessary for success. Being a great blog writer isn’t only about understanding grammar and writing; an understanding of digital strategy and your business model is necessary, too.

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Let’s take a look at some of the qualifications all business owners should consider when looking for blog writers to hire.

Three characteristics of the best blog writers for hire

1. Great writing and researching skills — This one is pretty obvious, but still worth saying. You want a blogger with a flair for conveying ideas through the written word. You should be able to read a collection of writings from the potential blogger, and experience some resonance. That resonance can be an emotional connection or the sense that you’ve learned something.

A great blogger doesn’t have to already be an expert in your industry. A great blogger has to have a passion for communicating and possess the willingness to research your niche. This way, wisdom will come from the blog writer, and you’re providing your audience with value.

2. Knowledge of how content works online — The playing field is wide open for businesses because of the Internet. In fact, the Internet can be a goldmine for those who understand how content ranks in search engines and gets shared through social networks.

Does your blogger know how to research what your audience members are searching for, and which keywords you should target ?

Does your blogger know what to optimize on your website, other than the words?

Does your blogger know how to build a digital strategy for you that targets the best keywords so you can start the process of organic SEO?

3. The skills to meet deadlines — Building an audience online is a process. Attention must be given to fine details. Readers will be receptive to consistency, especially in the beginning of the relationship. Editorial calendars should be considered in this process so that the overall content strategy can be looked at from the macro level. This will allow for best results, an efficient process, and the chance to quickly change course if needed.

Here at BuzzFarmers, we’ve been blog writers for hire for many years. We’ve seen a lot of poor writing while working throughout numerous industries. That poor writing mixed with a lack of digital strategy knowledge and SEO skills is unacceptable to us, and should be to you, if you’re the one paying for it.

Final advice on finding blog writers for hire

Use diligence while seeking blog writers for hire. Read through writing samples; ask about their experience and knowledge of SEO and digital strategy. Who have these writers worked with? Where does their content rank in search engines? Do they have familiarity with – or, more importantly, interest in – your industry?

Did you feel something from the writer’s words? Did they keep you engaged or were you bored? Your emotional response to the content is a look at how your audience may experience this same content. Anyone’s words representing your organization must be aligned with your views, must connect with you, and must sound as if they’d come directly from your mouth … only better, because that’s why you’re hiring them in the first place.

Have you ever considered blog writers for hire? Any triumphs or disasters? Let us know in the comments!

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