First off, don’t freak out. You might see this impressive roundup of our favorite recent business blogging best practices posts below and say something along the lines of …

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No, you’re not dreaming and, yes, as a CEO or marketing executive looking to launch an original content campaign, you can benefit from our most-read posts, listed below.

Bonus: We’re leaving them up for as long as the Internet exists, so take your time – each of ’em free to a good home!

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10 Business Blogging Best Practices

In addition to the posts below, please see our series of industry-specific “Blog Ideas for Businesses,” especially if you’re in real estate, jewelry, interior design, construction, accounting, human resourcesproperty management, recruitment, fitness, and/or insurance.

1. The CEO’s Guide to Corporate Blogging Best Practices That Writers Hate

In this post, Amanda outlines the difference between writing for business and writing for … well, anything else. She explains why you need writers who understand making content count, rather than misguided scribes worried about compromising their “editorial integrity.”

2. 10 Blog Best Practices for Turning Stories Into Sales 

We have a legit MFA in Creative Nonfiction laying out a plan for you to tell your brand’s story – does it get more helpful than that? Erin covers finding your voice, developing customer personas, utilizing multimedia as well as testimonials, and much more. You won’t find content quite like this anywhere else!

3. The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Corporate Blogs

The Boss is back with this post on business blogging best practices like editorial calendars, SEO, and testing. The money quote, for me: “Every blog post is a new landing page, and it works for you. It has a job, and a hard hat, and it goes to work 24 hours a day for you. … Your sales pages are for the jargon. Your blog is where you connect.”

4. How to Interview Someone for an Article

I quote Detective Bunk Moreland from The Wire in this post, so you know it’s at least worth checking out. Here’s what I cover: research, gear, ethics, ego, and how to really listen. This comes in handy for case studies, trend pieces, and ghost-writing for CEOs.

5. Marketing Genius (TIE): Borracha Knows How to Sell Wine Products With a Strong Blog + 5 Blog-Based Tourism Strategies From Beau Wine 

This digest of our favorite business blogging best practices posts you’re reading right now will have debuted on a Wine Wednesday, so it’s only right that we throw in a couple of our favorite case studies from vino-centric companies we admire. Each provides actionable examples of how to use your business blog to generate revenue.

6. Lesson, Plan Why Use Case Studies on Your Business Blog?

Chris does a clear, concise job of breaking down why using case studies is a wise move for your content marketing. “In today’s digital world, case studies take on a whole new set of powers,” he writes. “With the ability to forge connections online that wasn’t readily available to writers and researchers in print, savvy digital publishers and digital marketers are using case studies to both inform their audiences and build relationships.”

7. How to Create a Blog Style Guide That Keeps All of Your Writers in Sync

Being a stickler for style is crucial for your editorial flow and effectiveness. In this post, I shout out a few different role models, from the likes of the Guardian, A List Apart, and Videomaker – each with its own approach.

8. 10 Corporate Blogging Guidelines That Will Protect Your Job

Any blogger can get sued, and any business blogger can definitely get sued for owned media that crosses legal lines like libel or copyright. People will take great pleasure in pursuing litigation against you, particularly if you’re a highly profitable company. Other issues I cover in this one: fuzzy ethics, social media trolls, and brand alignment.

9. How to Write SEO Headlines That Will Supercharge Your Content

This post includes a mention of parakeet poop. Also: generous copywriting advice, tricks of the trade, and examples from companies with awesome content marketing.

10. 10 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content Like a Magician 

You’re looking at evergreen content in action, but roundups like this one are just the beginning for your blog – that applies to the content you’ve already produced and to the content that lays ahead of you. This post on repurposing content will reinvigorate your marketing efforts – plus there’s a video!

We hope these posts on business blogging best practices help! If you’d like to pick the brains that produced them, give us a call or send us an email!

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