Ghost blog writers can strengthen your website while lightening your workload.

Do you remember those days in college when you would have paid someone hundreds if not thousands of dollars to write that Russian literature paper that your semester grade was hinging on?

Well, we’ve got good news for you: You can do that now, and you won’t get kicked out of anything. In fact, you might be asked to come back and serve as commencement speaker for your alma mater, because you’re so widely regarded for your wisdom – or maybe you’re just obscenely wealthy and a generous donor.

Either way, you’ll owe it all to making decisions like hiring ghost blog writers. Today, you’re not taking a critical eye to the collected short stories of Gogol. You’re running an original content campaign with a lot of moving parts, and sometimes you need a hand or two to keep them moving smoothly. At the center of this operation is your blog – which is often where companies can use the most help.

And if you think all those other popular CEOs write their own blog content, and that hiring a ghostwriter is “cheating,” you may want to have a few private chats with your CEO friends to see how much of that content they actually write themselves. For many of them, the answer is “none of it.” And that’s totally cool, because that’s what we do.

5 Reasons Why CEOs Need Ghost Blog Writers

1. Quality is Job 1

Ghost blog writers have one responsibility: Craft the best possible content for your blog, in your voice,  by articulating your vision. They’ve trained for this big moment, both during their career and in getting to know you and your company.

If they’re worth the carpal tunnel brace they slide on their wrist every morning before taking the field, they’ll strive for high-caliber, accurate, airtight posts that reflect the value and expertise of your product or service. And they won’t rest until they get it right. We don’t!

2. Opportunity Time

You know the classic budget term “opportunity cost”: Losing the ability to spend on one thing because you’ve spent on something else. The same principle applies to time.

Can’t you write these posts yourself? Well, yes, of course you can, but as the leader of a company, don’t you have better things you could be doing?

If you’re a micromanager, start loosening the reins a bit and prepare to be amazed by how much flexibility your schedule gains.

3. Professionalism and Erudition

One big advantage of hiring good ghost blog writers is that they’ll come equipped with a hard-wired industry savvy.

They’ll be well-versed in best practices, social media trends, and tricks of the trade. They’ll have solid in-house editing teams, established corporate blogging guidelines, and ethical standards. You’ll be able to trust them like your clients can trust you.

4.  A Different Perspective

As the CEO of a startup, small business, or corporation, you’ve understandably got the blinders on. You know your company better than anybody else, but sometimes you need an interpreter for all of that bias, shorthand, and unspoken professional knowledge.

If you’re trying to impress somebody, say, at a bar, isn’t it often more effective to have a friend who knows you tell a story about you rather than rambling on about yourself?

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Ghost blog writers can decode and relay your messages to an audience outside of the conference room. At Lantern, for instance, targeting that audience and tailoring your content to their needs is arguably our most important function. Plus, a ghostwriter comes loaded with content ideas and concepts you likely haven’t even thought of yet.

5. Embracing SEO

Ghost blog writers bring to the table SEO bona fides that will mean a huge boost for your content marketing efforts. SEO is not a religious discussion – when done well, it does help.

Wasting time debating the merits of SEO isn’t in your business’ best interests. Content marketing is evolving every day, so it’s nice to have some solid ground to stand on with SEO. It frees us up to experiment in other areas on your blog and social media.

On the other hand, hiring professionals to handle your blog and social media will keep you on the cutting edge of SEO. When a Google update rolls though, they’ll be ready to adapt.

Hiring ghost blog writers will ensure a strong blog that will help attract and convert new clients while saving you time for big-picture projects. Ghostwriting is a longstanding business practice that has been around since at least the Bible. Remember, you’re still in control: You decide how heavy a hand or light a touch ghost blog writers take with your brand.

Do you use ghost blog writers for your blog, or are you … haunted by the idea of them? Let us know in the comments and give us a call to talk shop!

This post was originally published in 2015 and had been updated.

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