If you’re looking for pet blog ideas, take them from an office dog!

I couldn’t be more proud of my niche. Pet-based businesses sure know how to blog! Besides basically being the boss here at BuzzFarmers and running my own dog blog, I also know a thing or two about pet blog ideas because I am what you probably aren’t – a canine. I know what pets need, and I spend enough time with these needy humans to know what two-leggers want when it comes to pets, too.

Do you run a pet-based startup, an online store, or even a brick and mortar store? If you want to start selling more stuff online, then listen up, because I know a thing or two about pet blogs. I basically read them every day.

When it comes to blogging for any business, these are the most important things you need to know:

  • Create an editorial calendar and stick to it consistently.
  • Post at least once per week.
  • Write evergreen content (content that doesn’t get old or expire).
  • Optimize your post with keywords that people are actually searching for.
  • Write something different than anyone else is writing on your topic.
  • Include a call-to-action at the end of every post.

If you don’t know what a call-to-action is, let me explain. It’s a link or a button at the end of every blog post that promotes a product. For example, if you sell dog treats, you could write a post about training your dog, and then promote and link to your dog treats at the end as great incentives for training.

Here are a few examples of pet blogs that are doing a great job with content creation. I’ve also asked my humans to include some examples of titles and calls to action that you can use for your own blogs if you decide to. The keywords are in red.

Let loose with your pets and products

Title: 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Hiking With Dogs

Call to Action: “Do you ever worry about one of your furry friends getting lost? When you go hiking with dogs, bring along some piece of mind with our GPS-enabled tracking collars.”

Whistle Labs makes dog collars, but not just any collars. They make smart collars with GPS in them so that, if you’re like me and love to run like the dickens into oblivion when I’m off leash, you’ll be able to find your dog again. Whistle totally gets blogging. They write about news, but they also tackle the evergreen content – the stuff that they can share and SEO – so that they have content that’ll last them years and send them traffic and sales pretty much forever.

The only way they could improve is by linking to their product somewhere in the copy, and adding a call to action at the end.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.41.54 PM

Write about your expertise

Title: How To Use Doggie Poop Bags

Call to Action: “Are you new to doggie poop bags? If you aren’t careful, you’ll have a mess on your hands. Our bags are designed to keep you clean and tidy. Order yours today!”

Mutt Mitts creates these cleaning mitts for human hands that will help you wash your dog on the go. You know, if they’re getting stinky, or maybe have something uh, hanging from their, uh, you know what I mean. Naturally, they’re blogging about topics like how to clean your dog. As you might imagine, people are searching the web for ways to clean their dog might be super interested in Mutt Mitts!

Again, my only advice is to add a call to action for their product at the bottom of their super helpful articles.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.49.39 PM

Use evergreen pet content to drive traffic forever

Title: Healthy Treats For Dogs Who Enjoy The Best

Call to Action: “Your dog is your best friend. Keep them happy with these healthy treats for dogs.”

Most pets don’t discriminate when it comes to treats (even me, aka Mr. Picky!) and Green Bark Gummies‘ Omega-3 loaded, patented sprouted chia treats are no exception. Their blog is great, too. They’re nailing evergreen content with posts like Is it True That Dogs Can Smell Cancer and Lactose Intolerance in Dogs. In terms of a call to action, they include a link to their contact form and other pages at the end of every post.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.00.45 PM

Tell stories

Title: Eco-Friendly Dog Products That’ll Make Your Tail Wag

Call to Action: “Love the outdoors and your dogs? Our eco-friendly dog products are gentle on the earth and tough enough to stand up to the most enthusiastic dogs. Shop online now.”

Harry Barker was founded by Ford model Carol Perkins, and they create earth-friendly pet products. What I love about their blog is that they write posts about their new product lines. So when they launched their Sweetgrass collection, they wrote about what inspired it. Their calls to action come in the last paragraph and link to parts of the collection.

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Create buzz with cute pets

Title: This Dog Gift Box Is Tail-Waggingly Good

Call to Action: “What do you get the dog who has it all? A monthly dog gift box, of course. Sign up today, and watch that tail start wagging.”

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box filled with toys and treats. I’ve been a subscriber almost since they started, and their boxes are totally worth it. They do a great job of attracting new potential buyers through their blog The Bark Post.

Although we’d recommend that they spend more time on evergreen content and work on SEO, they do a rad job at writing Upworthy-style headlines that run rampant around in social media. They also include a big ‘ol call to action within each post that tells people to follow or donate to rescue organizations or subscribe to BarkBox. “All the cool pups get a BarkBox,” they say. True story, my friends. True story.

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Cover different angles of pet blogging

Title: Skip The Kennel With Daycare For Dogs

Call to Action: “Don’t send your best friend to the kennel. Daycare for dogs lets your dog run, play, and have fun with other dogs while you’re enjoying your vacation. Contact us today to learn more about dog care in your vacation location.”

Dog Vacay was created to help dog owners skip the kennels and find local dog sitters. So naturally, they’re out there blogging about why your dog prefers daycare over staying home alone. But they also write loyalty-driving posts, like interviews with different dog sitters and informational posts about different breeds. Of course, they also keep it buzzworthy, like BarkBox, by capitalizing on cute pet “news,” like the real struggle of a baby Chow in a silver bowl.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.10.02 PM

They rock the calls to action too. Either at the bottom of every article or in the sidebar is a huge graphic ad inviting the reader to find a local dog sitter.

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Create a community

Title: 10 Unique Pet Products You’ll Bark Out Loud For

Call to Action: “Let’s face it; that water bowl has seen better days. When it’s time for something new, these unique pet products are practical and fun. What more could a dog ask for? Order today and you’ll be barking with joy in no time.”

Cuteness is an online community and flea market. You can share pictures of the best-looking members of your family (your dogs, of course) and you can buy unique and handmade pet products from all over.

Just like their community, their blog covers a lot of topics. Do you want to read about fostering homeless pets? They’ve got you covered. The benefits of raising children with dogs? Yup, they’ve got that, too. There’s even an interview with Grumpy Cat and an article about deer!

My one complaint is that they don’t have a call to action in their posts. With everything from rope toys to pet fashion to puppy art, the possibilities for linking to a product are almost endless.

pet blog ideas

Sit stay or speak

Title: 10 Great Hotels That Allow Dogs 

Call to Action: “Now you can go on vacation and easily find hotels that allow dogs. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated on great pet-friendly travel adventures.”

Dogs need a vacation, too. Furlocity is a central hub that lets you search for pet-friendly hotels across the U.S., as well as veterinarians, and dog grooming facilities. Their blog is great, too. They have travel tips for car rides, first aid for dogs, and reminders of why you humans should take us on plenty of walks.

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Leave time for play

Title: Food Bowls For Dogs Aren’t What They Used To Be

Call to Action: “Does your dog eat too fast? These new food bowls for dogs will not only slow them down, but they’ll have more fun eating. Order today. Your dog will thank you for it.”

Paw5 makes dog food bowls that turn dinner into play time. Their puzzle bowl gives your dog an opportunity to work for a meal and enrich his brain at the same time.

As for their blog? Yeah, well, it’s nice to see a blog that focuses so much on how humans can make our dog lives better! Five Jobs Your Dog Will Love To Do, Three Fun Yard Games To Play With Your Pup, and Four Ways To Make Your Dog’s Life Better are just a few examples.

The best part is that there is a big ole call to action at the end of every post. In fact, it’s on every page of their website. It’s not a hard sell, either. They just want you to sign up for their newsletter. And, hey, anyone who wants to remind humans how awesome dogs are is OK by me!

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Solve problems

Title: Entertain Your Dog While You Watch Your Favorite Movie

Call to Action: “You’re tired and just want to relax. Your dog has other plans. Now you can entertain your dog effortlessly with these stimulating toys. Order yours before they’re out on a walk.”

iFetch solves a problem. You’re just home from work and your dog is ready to play. The iFetch automatic ball launcher is perfect. Your dog drops a ball into the top and the iFetch throws or rolls the ball. The game of fetch is on, and you don’t have to do a thing except enjoy watching your pet have a good time.

The iFetch and the iFetch blog is pretty new, so this is one I’ll keep my eye on. So far I like the emphasis on positive training and also keeping your dog fit and healthy. If I could woof one suggestion, it would be to have a call to action at the end of each blog post. It could be as simple as asking other humans to follow them on social media or they could add a link to the iFetch shop.

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Get started

I was pretty bummed to see that Chewy.com, essentially the Amazon for dogs, doesn’t have a blog. All of the pet companies above have done such an excellent job, and most of them have just a few products. Can you imagine all the opportunities for pet blog posts on a site where you sell pet products in every category?

I have word from Chewy that they are working on this, so I’ll stay tuned and look forward to it.

If you think that maybe you need some help blogging, BuzzFarmers is here for you. My human co-workers and I run company blogs all over the place, and we can make yours more popular and profitable.

Call us today or sign up for a BuzzAudit!

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