Happy Friday!

In a galaxy far, far away (a long, long time ago), I co-ran a video production shop, where I produced more than 40 episodes of the #FollowFridayVideo. We had a fantastic group of people co-host the show with me, including my future business partner and wife Amanda MacArthur – our CEO here at BuzzFarmers

If you’re not familiar with the #FollowFridayVideo, it’s basically a video series that features interesting people and companies we find on Twitter, Instagram, and even Reddit.

If you’d like to come into BuzzFarmers and be a guest on the Follow Friday Video, give me a shout on Twitter at @packhughes. I’m excited to bring this video series back for BuzzFarmers and our fantastic clients, colleagues, and other friends!



Special Guests This Week:

Napa the Dog

Napa is the BuzzFarmers office dog. He’s an F2b Mini-GoldenDoodle. You can follow him on Twitter @NapaTheDog and visit his website, NapasDailyGrowl.com where he blogs about all things dog-related. In fact, he’s searching for new office dogs to be interviewed for his blog. Napa made his national TV debut this past fall, appearing in a Freshpet TV Commercial.

Who to Follow


Exo is the maker of fantastic-tasting protein bars that happen to made out of cricket flour. I’ve tried them, and they’re delicious. The PB&J is my favorite, and it helps that they’re gluten, soy, dairy & grain free! I’ve been following them for a while, they’re really taking renewable sources of protein to the next level. You can follow them on Twitter at @exo_protein and visit their site, ExoProtein.com . Disclosure: We write for their blog, but we fawned over them way before that!


It isn’t very often that we come across an online tool that feels like it was built for us. CoSchedule is the social sharing tool we’ve been waiting years for! You can write a post and schedule all the social media to go with it, all on the same page. We love it, and we now offer it as part of our retainer packages. You can follow them on Twitter at @CoSchedule. I also really enjoy their blog, so check that out, too!


Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteers from around the world to help them with everyday situations. It all happens through video chat. With the Be My Eyes app, you can help a blind person, check dates on food, and pick out photos. Amanda helped someone pick a particular flavor of Pringles while they were grocery shopping. She also wrote a touching article about her experiences with the blind. You can learn more about the Be My Eyes App on their website, BeMyEyes.org, and follow them on Twitter, @BeMyEyes.

You can follow me on Twitter at @packhughes. See ya next week!

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