If you’re not using Facebook for real estate marketing, let these big real estate agencies show you how!

50% of consumers value a brand’s Facebook page more than its website. So what you post there, is who you are.

Bossypants at BuzzFarmers, Amanda MacArthur, recently told me the story of how she almost went for a real estate license as her “college job.” She aspired to be the Fredrik Eklund of Boston College rentals after watching all the Michael Lorbers out there dilly dally on their boring craigslist listings. After a couple interviews with one local Boston real estate agency, they offered to pay for her materials and then for the certification. Ultimately she decided against it, but her love for marketing was born then and there. It was the lack of good marketing that drew her towards it. She was all “there is a serious lack of good real estate marketing out there! I can do this better!” But sadly, student loans suck, and she had to get a real 9-5er at that point.

And she’s right, real estate marketing is fun, but until the big whigs at Trulia, Zillow and other giants started using social media, nobody would have ever known. They’re keen to the “this or that” posts, the celebrity house posts, the actual solid homebuying advice posts, and everything else in between.

Together we continue to be fascinated by the marketing aspect of real estate. In fact we’ve even written a series of real estate blog ideas for any realtors out there looking for new ways to sell a house, or rent an apartment. Once you’ve pumped up your blog, consider these tips on using Facebook for real estate marketing the next time you consider sharing something on social media.

1. Highlight your blog posts

Trulia knows what they are doing by using Facebook for real estate blog post sharing. Not only do they share provoking images – Cate Blanchette and all four rooms look gorgeous in this picture – but they are relating both the blog post and Facebook post to recent pop culture by mentioning her role in the upcoming movie Cinderella.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.14.40 PM

2. Drive traffic to your listings

It’s easy to share a listing on Facebook. All you have to do is share the URL in a post and boom – your listing appears on your Facebook page. I challenge you to be more creative than that. Follow Zillow’s lead and compare two houses side by side. Your Facebook followers will be able to see a picture right in the Facebook post of both houses, but the two links provided will land them directly on the listing. Exactly where you wanted them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.26.49 PM

3. Share design advice

Not every social media follower is looking to buy or rent a house. Instead, they follow real estate sites to get ideas on how to decorate their own space. If you’re using Facebook for real estate deals, but aren’t blogging on your own website, you might be worried about where you’ll find content. Have no fear. Follow RE/MAX’s lead and share well-written links you’ve found online.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.48.08 PM

4. Mix your media

When using Facebook for real estate marketing, one way to outperform your competitors is by sharing multiple forms of media. Many real estate agencies on Facebook share tips and educational tools on their Facebook pages, regardless of whether it comes from their company blog or a different website. Coldwell Banker takes it a step further by filming short educational videos of real agents sharing tips for house hunters. Here are a few more types of media you can try in your blog and social media posts to stand out from the crowd.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.59.42 PM

5. Post unexpected, yet relevant content 

Century 21 knows that you don’t always have to share house listings, tips, or design schemes to keep a loyal following on Facebook. In fact, some of the most shareable content is that which is somehow related to your field, yet is non-specific. Every once in a while share something unexpected that has the power to elicit a great social media response. This infographic about binge TV watching is a great example. Why? Where does most binge TV watching happen? In the home. Boom – it now relates to real estate. This specific post is a double winner for the fact that it’s following tip #4 as well by sharing an infographic created by the company.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.56.22 PM


Are you using Facebook for real estate marketing? If not, get started! Let us know any other Facebook marketing tips you have for the real estate community in the comments section below!

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