Do you want to know how to get blog traffic? Change the sparkplugs on your blog and buff the rust out of your content. 

It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.” – Dale Earnhardt.

Your neglected business blog isn’t that much different than a rusty old car. You might be on the road, but your oil is leaking, the clutch slips, and there’s an awful smell every time you turn on the vent.

And just like that nice mechanic that will fix your car, and who will give you a road map just to make sure you don’t get lost, good blog management services (like us!) will know how to get blog traffic, and keep your business blog on the road to revenue.

If you’re old enough that you don’t get carded when you buy a six-pack, you might remember a time when you could make a lot of repairs yourself if your car broke down. Until the late 80’s or so, there wasn’t a whole lot to an engine. You could reach the starter pretty easily, the air filter was right on top, and you didn’t have to remove the entire engine to get to the alternator.

Your mechanic was a last resort. Even without a mechanic, though, a little knowledge of spark plugs and oil could keep you rolling.

Heck, I can’t tell you how many miles I hobbled along with a strip of duct tape covering the hole in a radiator hose. And then there was that time in the dessert I used a t-shirt to stand in for a broken steering belt. It wasn’t pretty, but it got me to an auto shop.

What does an old car have to do with blog management services?

Well, for most of us, the days of repairing our own cars are long gone. Not to say we couldn’t do at least some of it if we were so inclined. But it’s much easier to take it to a professional mechanic. They have the specialized tools to do the job, and some of them will even give you a ride to work when you drop your car off.

You get to go do your work, and you let them do their work. When you hire a blog management service (like us!) it works the same way, and the good ones know how to get blog traffic. And it’s not just with writing new content. Like a mechanic, good blog management services can take your old car content and get it back on the road information superhighway.

But wait, I’d like to learn how to fix the car myself, first. 

Of course! And we’ll get into traffic in a minute, but I have to put on the brakes first and remind you about calls-to-action.

All the traffic to your blog won’t mean a thang if you’re not actually converting new website visitors into buyers or email subscribers. (aka – all that work you’ve done on your car isn’t just to leave it in the garage, is it?)

Include text ads for your product, a freebie, or your email newsletter in the middle, or the bottom of your post at the very least. Once your conversion architecture is in place, get rolling with this list below.

  • Recycle your content. If you have existing content, begin recycling it. Take the posts that aren’t getting any blog traffic and begin improving, updating, and re-publishing them. This is like a trip to the salvage yard to find working car parts to get your junker looking good for cheap.
  • SEO your content. Optimizing your articles for at least one long-tail keyword (a phrase thats three or more words long) will improve their rank in search engines. And you’ll receive FREE traffic to those posts for as long as it’s published. This is really the shiny new paint job – it’ll get you noticed when you drive through town.
  • Promote your content. SEO comes first, but social media will light the spark for your SEO fire. The more your article is promoted, re-tweeted, shared, liked and favorited in social media, the better it will perform in SEO, too. Let’s put the top down and take that baby for a spin!
  • Write more content. The more content you create, the more pages on your site will exist to attract search traffic. Your Chevy’s lookin’ good! Now let’s see what we can do with a Falcon.
  • Publish more consistently. Choose the days and times you want to publish every week, and stick to them. Consistency is key not only to your workflow, but tells Google’s spiders how often you publish content, and to index you accordingly. (I have spiders in my garage, too, which is why I prefer to work on the car in the driveway.)
  • Publish more frequently. The more days a week you publish, the faster you’ll build new search-optimized pages for your website, the more quickly you’ll begin to receive FREE search traffic … and the sooner you can quit blowing your dough on AdWords. Cars, money, the stuff of dreams.

So are you telling me how to get blog traffic, or how to restore my old car?

At Buzzfarmers, we work with a lot of new companies, or companies just starting blogs. But we also work with companies that have backlogs of content and want to know how to get blog traffic. They are discovering the importance of optimizing that older content for search engines.

In this regard, search engine optimization (SEO) is like restoring your rusty ’56 Chevy that’s been sitting in your garage waiting for some love.

SEO will buff the rust out of your content fenders, replace the air filters on your blog titles, and put new spark plugs in your social media strategy.

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Enough with the rust; I want to know how to get blog traffic. What will my blog mechanic do?

We will save you money. As an example of what happens when Buzzfarmers incorporates SEO into new or existing blogs, one company we worked with increased their website traffic by 400% per month and is now saving $1,000 per month by using SEO rather than AdWords.

We will increase your website traffic. One software company we work with increased website traffic by 22% within the first 30 days, and one large publisher gets 78% of their website traffic through searches, thanks to Buzzfarmers’ blog management services.

We will help you sell. A startup company had 91% of their sales leads come through their blog. And, not to toot our own horn too much, but the content strategies we’ve created through our blog management services have generated more than $10 million in revenue for our clients.

So yes, we are really talking about SEO and your business blog. But if you have a backlog of material, it is not entirely different than restoring a classic car. You clean it up, air it out a bit, and get it updated so it is ready to take out in public.

And you know what? Just like that classic 56′ Chevy, when you start driving it around, people will begin to notice.

Have you restored an old blog? What did you do to update it? Let us know in the comments.

If you need blog management services from professionals that know how to get blog traffic, get in touch. We’ll put a rumble in your content engine. 

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