A list of our favorite places to work, outside the office.

Sometimes you have to stretch your legs and find some new scenery as a writer. Here in the BuzzFarmers office, we’ve found that working remotely part-time motivates and challenges us to be better writers. Sometimes we prefer to spend that remote working time in our own homes and other times we like to get out and try new places, or even unplug and work outdoors.

When people think of remote work, they immediately think of libraries. It’s easy to see why: temperature, sound, and internet connection. Everybody at BuzzFarmers enjoys library air conditioning in the summer and the heating in the winter. The library is also a top choice because it’s quiet and easy to work, and also because it offers free wi-fi. Plus, some Rhode Island libraries are beautiful, like the Providence Athenaeum, which is listed on a Condé Nast list of the world’s 10 most beautiful libraries.

via angela n. on flickr

The Providence Athenaeum via angela n. on flickr


My next suggestion is The Beehive Cafe in Bristol. There is seating upstairs with a deck, so you can work at one of their funky tables with wifi and have a pretty great view, too. They do limit wi-fi usage during lunch, so plan ahead to take breaks and actually eat during that time. The drinks and snacks are wonderful, and the meals are even better.

Another place I love is Wildflour in Pawtucket. It has plenty of small tables to work on, without worrying that you’re occupying too much space while you work. They also have a rotating menu of fresh herb lemonades, coffee specials, and vegan snacks. It’s close to the office, so we have spent some time there on office days. I love their juices, but my vegan friends report their bakery is a vegan’s dream! Plus, if you want lunch, just step next door to their sister vegetarian restaurant, Garden Grille, or Rasoi.

A handful of friends have also recommended Small Point Cafe in Providence as one of the best places to work in Rhode Island. It’s small, comfortable and located near a bunch of bookstores. Plus, they even validate free two-hour parking at a lot around the corner. If you’re used to paying for parking in Providence, you’ll know how incredible that perk is.

Here are a few of the places the rest of the BuzzFarmers team works out of when we’re galavanting around Rhode Island. If you happen to recognize any of us at any of these locations, don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi. We love making new friends.


BuzzFarmers at Blue Kangaroo in Rhode Island

Pat working at The Blue Kangaroo in Barrington, RI

When I want to unplug and write, I’ve worked from Colt State Park for a few hours until my laptop battery died. They have shaded picnic tables and an unbeatable view.

Dave’s Coffee in Charlestown is a fun little spot, darkly lit with mismatched furniture and a cool vibe.

Malachi’s is great because they have free refills on your drinks, so you can work all day and they’ll continue to fill up your cup.

The Blue Kangaroo in Barrington is nice because they serve lunch, so Pat and I used to go there for a few hours to eat lunch and co-munch.

I’ve spent the equivalent of probably weeks working out of The Coffee Depot in Warren. It has good coffee, and it’s right downtown so you can take a walk, grab some lunch, and resume your spot. There are lots of places to sit, too.


Duck & Bunny via Reading Tom on Flickr

Duck & Bunny via Reading Tom on Flickr

Besides so many of the great coffee houses in Rhode Island, the next best location to work (in my opinion) would be The Providence Public Library. It’s really beautiful on the inside. Two other libraries I like to go to are the Providence Athenaeum and the Brown University Library.

Not only is the Duck and Bunny a great “snuggery” on Wickenden Street in Providence, but it’s also a great place to get your work done.

Another place I used to frequent is AS220It’s an arts organization that has a restaurant attached next door. They have poetry nights, shows, galleries, and more. You could spend the day working there and take in a comedy improvisation show at night!


I actually really love working on my front porch, but that probably won’t help you much. 

I recently started working sometimes at the public library (Rochambeau branch to be specific). Being surrounded by books is pretty inspiring. Although, I’ve spent a lot of time working in libraries in my life. I used to work for hours in the Rhode Island College library

I haven’t done it yet, but I like the idea of sitting in a beach chair at Narragansett Town Beach and working. Well, maybe not in the winter, but it would be great to do that in warm weather.


BuzzFarmers hanging at the Black Goose.

BuzzFarmers hanging at the Black Goose.

Of all the best places to work in Rhode Island if you need a change of scenery, (that happens to be my favorite) is the Black Goose Cafe in Tiverton.

One place I haven’t gotten to try yet, but I’ve heard that other people enjoy working at is Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard. I’m thinking that as long as you don’t indulge too much, you’ll be able to get your work done in a beautiful location.

What do you think are the best places to work in RI? We’re always looking for new places to work remotely, and we love supporting our local businesses! Share your suggestions in the comments section, and we will report back to you about our experience.

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