If you think the only tools you have are the ones to build houses and complete construction projects, you might want to take another look in your toolbox!

Your company has the know-how, education, and experience to attract and convert potential customers, while keeping your current clients informed with a wide range of construction blog ideas.

The truth is, all you need is a starting point to form the foundation for a great business blog. By continuing to build on that foundation, you’ll be welcoming new readers, creating the potential to pull in more sales – and to take on more projects!

10 Construction Blog Ideas

Our new clients often ask us, “But how do you know what to write about?” The idea of coming up with new topics for the blog every few days seems daunting, and they’ve let worry keep them from using a great marketing tool to get new customers, and also retain their current ones.

We never want fear to prevent someone from sharing their knowledge, which is why we came up with this list of 10 construction blog ideas you can use on your own company website to boost stats and find new work.

The SEO keywords, in red, have respectable-to-high search stats with low competing results. They’re yours to use. We found them, and then found blog posts covering similar topics.

As always, good luck!

1. Discuss Current Trends

Title: Construction Industry Trends: Prefabrication

Suggested Call to Action: “If you’ve considered using prefabrication as part of your next construction project, reach out to us for guidance and a design plan to suit your needs.”

JE Dunn Construction has an entire category built for industry trends, and each blog post focuses on one specific trend that influences how they do business. In a post on prefabrication, they discussed how they’ve used previously built or modular systems in some of their construction sites, explaining in detail the benefits of prefabrication, and how it can be used among site-built systems to complete projects on time and on budget. Another way JE Dunn Construction backs up their discussion on industry standards is to provide statistics on prefabrication use and forecast of future usage.

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 2. Give Them Options

Title: Types of Roofing Materials to Consider

Suggested Call to Action: “Are you considering an upgrade to your roof? Call us today for an estimate on roofing materials and project design!”

Habitat Construction knows that their readers want to understand their choices and make informed decisions about what products they should be purchasing for their home. Discussing plaster, grid, and timber, each option is thoroughly explained for both pros and cons, allowing readers to make the choice as to what products works best for their roofing needs.

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3. Prepare Your Readers

Title: How to Hire a Contractor: Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Suggested Call to Action: “Are you looking for a contractor? Call us today so we can explain to you how we can meet and exceed all of your needs!”

PJ Callaghan Construction understands that sometimes people aren’t sure what to look for in a general contractor. They go a step beyond simply explaining their skills in an about page to writing an evergreen post which discusses the five key points to consider when hiring a general contractor. A post like this empowers their readers – potential clients – and allows them to make informed decisions on their own. Like the rest of their blog posts, the page design is clear to read with headers, followed by questions that are then answered in list format.

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4. Surprise Them

Title: Natural Wood and PVC Porches: Outdoor Building Material Never Looked So Good

Suggested Call to Action: “Are you looking to revamp your weathered porch? Give us a call today so we can explain all your options!”

The Porch Company is a niche construction company. They build or maintain porches, and having a specialty makes them an expert on their product, which makes their blog posts detailed, and yet still easy to understand. With so many material options to use for porches, what is your best option? Some potential clients may scoff at the idea of using unexpected materials, like PVC, on their new porch. The best way to convince them is to show them how good it can look; surprise them! The picture they post of a porch railing looks so much like wood, it’s rather shocking to believe it’s made of PVC. To follow up their point is a detailed post regarding the benefits, and also the downfalls, of using PVC in a porch design.

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5. Consider Energy Efficiency

Title: Energy Efficient Window Replacement Options 

Suggested Call to Action: “Call us today if you’re looking to replace your current windows with energy-efficient windows.”

Tenco Construction Company specializes in making homes energy efficient. One of their main services is installing energy-efficient windows. This blog post is very detailed, discussing the various functions of windows throughout the house, how energy can be saved with updating, and maintenance differences between old and new windows. While all the information is there, we’d recommend including some headers, paragraph breaks or even a list format to make the information a bit more digestible.

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6. Showcase Completed Projects

TitleConstruction Complete: An Overview of Our Most Recent Work.

Suggested Call to Action: “If you appreciate our attention to detail, call us today so we can design and complete the project of your dreams.”

PC Construction understands that potential clients want to see a mixture of advice, thoughts, and completed projects in a blog. After completing projects, they regularly post about the overall project by including pictures of the design and outlining any special features. This works as a rolling professional portfolio of recent work for potential customers to view.

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7.  Include Video

Title: Choosing Colors for Your Home: A Video Tutorial

Suggested Call to Action: “Contact our project managers today if you’re looking to design your new dreamhome!”

Heartland Homes understands that their potential customers are worried about every stage of custom home building. It isn’t just the original design and construction that makes them nervous; they want information on detail design, as well. Sharing video advice for color design, they can educate consumers while easing some of their home building fears.

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8. Know Your Readers’ Needs, Big and Small

Title: Custom Storage Solutions to Consider During a Remodel

Suggested Call to Action: “If you’re looking to update your storage options, we can help you design the most effective plan. Call or stop by today for more information.”

While many people contact construction companies for big projects like building or adding an addition onto a house, many customers are looking for someone to take on smaller jobs, such as building storage solutions into their current home. Northfield Construction Company appreciates that storage is one of their clientele’s main concerns and creates an evergreen post with pictures to address their needs.

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9. Compare Two Similar Products

TitleHardwood Options: Solid Versus Engineered Floors

Suggested Call to Action: “Stop by our Design Center to take a look at all of your flooring options today!”

New Dimensions Inc understands that their customers have many options for their flooring. While some clients prefer tile and others want carpet, many homeowners are looking for hardwood options for their new homes. This post discusses the differences between solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood, while dispelling some some misconceptions throughout the construction blog post.

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10. Offer Upgrades

Title: Customized Homes: What Options Would You Include?

Suggested Call to Action: “If you’re looking to create unique spaces in your custom-built home, contact us right away.”

If you’re considering a custom-built house, you’re going to want to plan out all your wants and needs before construction begins. OZ Custom Homes understands that building a house may be a once-in-a-lifetime project, and wants their customers to know they have options. By writing a post about unique spaces that can be built into customized homes, this company has evergreen content that can be recycled on the blog. The construction blog also features testimonials, as well as their contact information prominently in the right sidebar in the attempts to turn readers into customers.

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These 10 construction blog ideas only scratch the surface of possible posts your company could use to begin blogging or to kickstart a defunct blog. The more blog posts your company generates, the more available content new readers can find in their search for construction answers. The more new readers you have, the better opportunity to turn them into new and repeat customers.

As always, we’re here to help you. If you need help coming up with more construction blog ideas, we have all the tools necessary. Contact us today!

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