I’ve got no globe-trotting lizards for you. No quirky, quippy cashiers with big hair. Can’t produce any B-list celebrities or earworm jingles, either.

But I have something just as effective. I have insurance blog ideas.

If you’re an agency who can’t afford million-dollar TV advertising campaigns, you can still find the customers and close the deals you need to by way of a far more reasonably priced original content campaign. Read on for a bunch of free ideas on how to get started turning your website into a sales tool.

10 Insurance Blog Ideas

Insurance isn’t the first thing people think of when they’re looking for reading material, but like the coverage itself, blog content is there when consumers need it: when they have questions, need clarification, seek guidance, or ultimately make decisions on their carriers. Your website must be prepared, just as you ask your policyholders to be. These insurance blog ideas will get you headed in the right direction. As always, we’ve highlighted in red the results of our extensive SEO research – the keywords below are ready to go into effect today.

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1. Show and Sell

Title: A Renters Insurance Policy Primer

Suggested Call to Action: “It took years for you to assemble that collection of Hummel Wee Forest Folk figurines, but it takes a thief only minutes to burgle them from your first-floor apartment. Luckily, you can compare renters insurance policy quotes even more quickly than that.”

InsWeb integrates multiple calls to action with their clear, concise content. Renters insurance is a hot topic among young renters with disposable income and college students who wonder whether they’re good candidates for coverage: This post lays out the facts for those audiences and makes it easy for potential customers to commit.

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 2. Focus on the Fine Print

Title: What Your Garaging Address Can Mean for Car Insurance

Suggested Call to Action: “Can a little more information help you find a better rate? We think so! Read our garaging address refresher and chat with one of our online representatives today if you have any questions.”

Homing in on a more obscure insurance topic, Esurance demystifies the lingo for consumers who might be overwhelmed by all of the information they’re encountering. Quality insurance blog ideas like these send a message that your company pays close attention to detail – it could make the difference when it comes time to purchase.

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3. Protect Their Interests

Title: 10 Tips for Home Window Safety

Suggested Call to Action: “We hope you never have to file a claim on your homeowners insurance. Here’s another installment of our series on securing your property: Home window safety. How do you defend your castle? Let us know in the comments!”

Allstate is known for their creative and compelling TV spots, but their unsung blog is full of solid advice and practical info that fosters loyalty from current policyholders while attracting future ones. The company leverages its stature in the industry by producing authoritative content that also outpaces much of its competition.

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4. Hold Them Liable

Title: Do You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Suggested Call to Action: “You’ve got kids, pets, cars, property, and more. One thing you might not have is all of the information you need to keep them safe – and to keep them from costing you a lot more money. Check out this post on umbrella insurance policy basics and forward to a friend.”

Safeco Insurance doesn’t beat around the bush with this straightforward post on the perils of ownership and accumulated wealth – and how an accident could erase all of it. I wouldn’t call it a scare tactic, but it does let readers know what’s at stake when it comes to insurance liability. It’s an effective use of content that eschews typical promotional material.

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5. Make Yourself Useful

TitleDisaster Preparedness Tips for Property Owners

Suggested Call to Action: “What you can do to be ready for worst-case scenarios. Step 1: Read this list. Step 2: Get started today with one of our comprehensive disaster insurance packages so we can help if there’s a catastrophe tomorrow.”

Another sobering but necessary post, this one from the Joy Insurance Agency. This particular example is geared at businesses in New York, playing up a local B2B angle. The content could be stronger, but it’s on-point nonetheless and does a nice job of presenting itself through the lens of insurance considerations.

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6. Form an Alliance

Title: Should I Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

Suggested Call to Action: “Travel is expensive enough, so why spend money when you don’t have to? Below, we help you decide whether rental car insurance is right for your needs – and your budget. Let us know if we’re steering you in the right direction or if we’re totally lost!”

Personally, my favorite type of post is the slow play, wherein the content stays away from a hard sell and instead builds an affinity with readers. On the surface, this article on rental car insurance wouldn’t seem to serve much of a business development purpose for Progressive, but visitors via search and social appreciate reliable information and won’t forget it the next time they look for insurance – which is when you can convert them into customers.

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7.  Ask the Question & Be the Answer

Title: How Much Is Snowmobile Insurance?

Suggested Call to Action: “Winter is around the corner, which means it’s time to take the sleds, shovels, and off-road vehicles out of the garage. Have you renewed your snowmobile insurance? Lock in on one of our low rates before the first flakes hit the ground.”

The Foremost Insurance Group has a fun, busy blog with a ton of fantastic content. Above all, they feature a deft blend of breezy “just-because” insurance blog ideas that are shareable as well as laser-beam, all-business lead generation. This article falls into the latter group, and it asks readers a question that it answers with its own product.

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8. Give Them the Scoop and Go for the Sale

Title: Insurance for Moving: Know Your Options

Suggested Call to Action: “Don’t let hidden costs cut into the budget for your new place. When finding insurance for moving, make sure to unpack every box. Call us with questions or for a quick quote.”

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies explores a great niche topic here, and the content is excellent – throughout their entire blog. However, their SEO is lackluster, with no discernible keyword for this post. Some quick research came up with “insurance for moving,” which, while admittedly not a blockbuster, is a serviceable choice: an average of 50 searches a month with just 28,400 competing pages. Hey, even a few more readers means a few more potential customers!

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9. Illustrate the Explanation

Title: Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Suggested Call to Action: “If your homeowners policy comes up short, this infographic will show you what flood damage might cost you. Contact us today if you need clarifications about your coverage.”

This useful little infographic from Mansfield Insurance Agency says a lot with just a few numbers and images. It’s a strong supplement to a business blog with a well-developed voice and shows potential customers how thorough the company can be in explaining policy concerns.

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10. Bridge the Big Issues

Title: Insurance Gaps in Life, Home, and Auto Policies

Suggested Call to Action: “Mind the gaps: Overlooking the little things could cost your family in a big way. Visit our education center to brush up on policy dos and don’ts before purchasing coverage.”

Farmers Insurance features an “Inner Circle” on its site that operates as a hub for articles, advice, and other posts arranged by topic. It’s well-designed and easy to navigate, which is crucial when it comes to massive subjects like insurance gaps. As you might expect from a big company, most of the content is strong. But even if you don’t have the resources to produce this ambitious of a blog, you can still borrow from role models like this one.


These insurance blog ideas can launch an original content campaign on your site that will attract new customers and help you retain current ones. As you can see, potential topics are all but limitless, allowing you to bring your expertise to a new generation of homeowners, car drivers, and … Wee Forest Folk figurine collectors.

Start with one post per week and let us know how it goes. If you have any accidents along the way, we can do an appraisal!

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