UrbanDaddy brings elitism down to the middle class, bringing you exclusive deals that are amazing, always impulsive, and incredibly splurge-worthy. Being on their email list reminds you (daily) of all the wild things you could be doing out from behind your desk, like eating dinner in Vegas at a private chef’s table that dangles 160 feet in the air.

They cater to the self-induced elite class of people (for real, or pretend) who like expensive things, expensive vacations, and once-in-a-lifetime almost-affordable experiences like private dinners with famous chefs, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Brunches, even a freaking Halloween Costume Concierge Service. Personally, I love UrbanDaddy, which is why I can talk smack.

UrbanDaddy was the first “deal” site I ever signed up for (yes, even before Groupon) based on the once-in-a-lifetime experiences they seem to dig up and develop for their users. On the blog, they’re just documenting them. When you’re a “Perks” member (aka an email list member), you can actually get access to these sorts of things at a barely out-of-reach price, as far as impulse purchases go.

So, really, UrbanDaddy might have a great blog, but they make their money through email and via social media traffic that is likely coming in through their email subscribers. UrbanDaddy wants you on their list.

That’s why I loved their tactic of swallowing new subscribers all at once.

Albeit a little on the dark side, this post-email signup pop-up (hello, mouthful) takes no prisoners. The moment you’ve signed up to be notified via email about their offers, they follow up with another screen that asks you to also “like” them on Facebook, “follow” them on Twitter, and even download their app.

There’s likely a strategy to that order also. The visibility on Facebook probably kills their Twitter traffic for the type of deals they talk about that thrive with supplemental images. In any case, check out the pop-up:

So, you like us enough to join our email list – why don’t you try the whole enchilada ? All in all, an excellent strategy for hooking your readers in while they’re the most interested in what you’re doing. When I added a “like” button to the thank-you page for one of my clients, their Facebook “likes” went up over 1,000% in the first month. So, I can attest to the fact that this strategy is no joke.

What do you think of this method? Have you tried this on your own sites? What were your results?

Published On: October 11th, 2011 / Categories: Marketing Genius /